From vintage analog tape machines, outboard gear, & microphones

to high-end digital mixing consoles, the selection at LPME Studios

is unparalleled in the MENA region.

Dolby Atmos

I & II Studios

With its exemplary decor, acoustics, and equipment, our Dolby Atmos studios are amongst the first-certified in the Middle East. The Dolby I (11.1.6) and Dolby II (9.1.4) are both configured with PMC Pro speakers, Dolby Renderers, and Avid S6 Console.

Dolby Renderer and

Avid s6 console

11 PMC Surround Speakers, 2 PMC BST Subwoofers, 6 PMC

In-Ceiling Speakers

A fully immersive audio experience;

Create your masterpiece in spatial audio

with Dolby Atmos
We work with:



Mixed Track


Raw Track


Feel the Difference;

Dolby Atmos Demo

Choose from a range of songs across

various genres.

Main Studio

Unleash your creativity and production with the SSL console that promises flexibility, speed, and functionality. With an enhanced workflow and SuperAnalogue mix buss and Dual Mic Pre’s, produce world-class recordings in the 495 sqft studio control room.

Solid State Logic (SSL) Duality fuse 48 channel

Legendary gear including 2x Fairchilds 670, Urei 1176s, LA2A, Tube-techs, 10x McDSP APB-16

Recording Room

A premium space where you can experience live recording alongside your team. Our generous 420-sqft acoustically-treated room allows for the accommodation of multiple band members and musicians. Drums, amplifiers, and microphones have been pre-wired for facility of use and speed. All video communication is operated via the Newtek Tricaster Elite System.

Acoustically-treated Room

Pre-Wired equipment


Premium microphones that ensure a crisp and precise sound quality. Have a one-of-a-kind recording experience, whether it be vocal or instrumental, with stellar and premium gear. To ensure facility of use, all microphones are pre-wired and ready to use.

Neumann U87

Neumann M149

Neumann KM184

Schoeps MK4

Telefunken M60


Chandler Limited Redd

Telefunken ELA M 251 T

Sennheiser MD 441 - U

Neumann TLM 170 R

AKG C414

Sony C800 G

Neumann USM 69i MT

Telefunken ELA M 260

Telefunken M80 Gold

Telefunken M 80 white

DPA 4011a

AEA A440

Telefunken AR 51

Antelope Edge Quadro


The finest outboard gear to allow facility of use, speed, and functionality. Produce the best sound quality with an exceptional selection of hand-picked outboards ranging from the best pieces in the music industry.

Fairchild 670

API 5500

API Channel Strip

Eventide H9000

Lexicon PCM96

Manley Limiter Compressor

Urei 1178

Chandler EMI Compressor

Avalon VT 737

Urei 1176

Neve 1073 PX

UAD Teletronix LA-2A

Black Box HG2

DBX 160A

Distressor EL8

Maselec MEA-2

Pultec EQM IS

Better Maker

Urei Teletronix LA-3A

Maselec MLA-4

Dutch Audio IM2.1

BURL B80 - Mothership

Louderthanliftoff Silver Bullet

Antelope Isochrone Trinity

Chandler limited - Curve bender

Manley Slam!

Tegeler Raumzeitmaschine

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor


we work with

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